Full & Partial Dentures in Silver Spring, MD

Restore Up To a Full Arch of Missing Teeth

Dentures are a tried-and-true method for replacing missing teeth. Depending on your needs, they can be customized to restore any number of teeth – even a full arch. Best of all, Dr. Bassford can ensure that your dentures look natural and fit comfortably so you can smile with confidence. 

Explore our guide to learn more about dentures and decide if they’re the right tooth replacement option for you.


Benefits of Dentures

Dentures offer several unique benefits, some of which include: 

  • Natural appearance 
  • Customized for a comfortable fit
  • Affordable 
  • Fast, minimally invasive procedure 
  • Enhanced speaking and chewing ability 
  • Can last 5 to 10 years with proper care

Types of Dentures

Full vs. Partial Dentures

Our Silver Spring restorative dentist offers both full and partial dentures for your convenience:

  • Partial — If you still have some of your natural teeth remaining, Dr. Bassford can provide a set of customized partial dentures to fill any gaps in your smile. Rest assured, your restoration will blend in seamlessly with your surrounding teeth for a radiant appearance. 
  • Full — For patients who need to restore a full arch of missing teeth, or both arches, full dentures are the most efficient and cost-effective solution. In just a matter of weeks, you can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile.

Implant-Supported Dentures

If you want to combine the convenience of dentures with the stability and long-term health benefits of dental implants, implant-supported dentures could be right for you. Depending on your needs, Dr. Bassford can secure a set of full or partial dentures with dental implants to create a more durable solution. 

Implant-supported dentures are more comfortable and easier to maintain than traditional dentures. Since the implants fuse with your jaw and form a bond, your dentures will function just like natural teeth. Best of all, implant-supported dentures stimulate your jaw to prevent bone deterioration and preserve your facial appearance.

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Receiving Your Dentures

The process for receiving your custom traditional dentures will typically take at least two appointments to our Silver Spring office. To begin, we’ll take highly detailed digital impressions of your teeth to create your dentures. With our advanced technology, you won’t have to deal with unnecessary trays and goop in order to get impressions of your teeth.

We 3D print our dentures in-office for your convenience. We’ll have you attend several “try-on” appointments to ensure a proper fit, shape, and color. Dr. Bassford will precisely adjust and place the completed denture, making sure your restoration fits comfortably and looks natural.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain my dentures?
How do I remove stains from my dentures?
Does insurance cover dentures?
What if my current dentures are loose or ill-fitting?
My dentures broke, how do I fix them?
How do I maintain my dentures?

To get the most out of your dentures, we recommend following these helpful tips:

  1. After eating, take out your dentures and rinse with water
  2. Be careful cleaning your dentures to avoid bending or damaging the clasps
  3. Brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your natural teeth, gums, and tongue
  4. Soak the dentures in water or denture solution overnight to maintain their shape
  5. Be sure to frequently visit our office for regular checkups with Dr. Bassford
How do I remove stains from my dentures?

If you notice stains on your dentures, it will be tough to remove them. Dr. Bassford recommends that you practice excellent oral hygiene to avoid discoloring in the first place. Never use bleach or other teeth whitening products on your prosthetic teeth because this can permanently damage them.

Does insurance cover dentures?

If you’re worried about the cost of dentures, you’ll be pleased to know that this is one of the most affordable restorative treatments available. Additionally, most insurance providers will pay for a portion of your treatment, though they don’t always cover it all. Each insurance company is different and coverage will vary depending on your plan. If you have any questions about your insurance benefits, our team will be happy to assist you.

What if my current dentures are loose or ill-fitting?

If your artificial teeth become loose or don’t fit properly, it’s crucial to call our office to let us know because this can result in a misaligned bite and other oral health issues. Dr. Bassford may be able to realign them or she may recommend implant-supported dentures for a more stable, custom fit.

My dentures broke, how do I fix them?

Don’t try to fix your dentures if they break or become damaged. Instead, store them in a safe place and keep them as clean as possible until we can get you in for an appointment at our Silver Spring office. Just give us a call right away so we can get you in as soon as possible.

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Don’t let missing teeth get in the way of your dream smile. With dentures, you can reclaim the youthful, full smile that you deserve. Call our practice at (301) 593-5500 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bassford. We look forward to helping you achieve your smile goals!

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