Alpha-Stim® Treatment in Silver Spring, MD

Drug-Free Relief For Pain, Anxiety & More

Dental anxiety is a common fear, preventing as many as 20% of Americans from getting the routine dental care they need. While nitrous oxide and other sedation methods are often used to combat dental anxiety, these medications don’t come without risk.

At our practice, we’re proud to offer a drug-free option for relieving anxiety with Alpha-Stim. This FDA-cleared, non-invasive device can help you relax throughout your dental visit without any risk of side effects. Explore our guide to learn more about this innovative treatment.

Relaxed young female patient in the dentist's chair

How Does Alpha-Stim Work?

Alpha-Stim is a small device that fits in the palm of your hand and has small clips attached that are worn over your ears. The ear clips are comfortable and similar in size to standard earbuds, so they won’t bother you during treatment.

As you hold the Alpha-Stim, it delivers a natural level of microcurrent through your brain to stimulate and modulate certain groups of nerve cells. This process can significantly reduce symptoms of pain, anxiety, insomnia, and more. The treatment only takes 20 minutes and the portable nature of the device means it can be used easily in most settings.

Some patients are concerned about the concept of electric currents being delivered to their brain, but rest assured it’s a very gentle process. In fact, the current emitted by Alpha-Stim is so subtle that most patients don’t even feel it. Best of all, we offer this treatment to our patients free of charge.

Relaxed woman in the dentist's chair

Benefits of Alpha-Stim

In addition to relieving pain and anxiety, Alpha-Stim offers unique benefits that sedation and other options can’t match. Some of these include:

  • Drug-free
  • No risk of complications or side effects
  • Can’t overuse/overdose
  • Allows you to drive home
  • Immediate, long-lasting results
  • Patients report an average of 61% less anxiety

Ask Dr. Bassford About Alpha-Stim

If you suffer from dental anxiety, Dr. Bassford and our team will be happy to accommodate you. We encourage you to ask us about the benefits of Alpha-Stim and how this advanced device can improve your dental care experience. Call our Silver Spring practice at (301) 593-5500 to schedule a consultation today.

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