Relaxation Therapy with Dr. Bassford

Alleviate Your Stress in One Visit

Are you in need of some personal time to focus on your physical and mental well-being? Here at our Silver Springs practice, we’re offering individual Stress Relief Sessions so patients can clear their minds and soothe any physical strains they have.

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Dr. Bassford is offering these treatment sessions at two separate costs:

When you visit for your relaxation therapy, we’ll be sure to explain the process to ensure you feel at ease and comfortable throughout.

What’s Included in Your Stress Relief Session?

Each session is focused on releasing any built-up stress you have in your mind or tension in your body. After 40 minutes of maximum tranquility, you’ll leave our office feeling rested and revitalized.

Here’s what each Stress Relief Session includes :

  • Ultrasound: High blood pressure can increase your stress levels and lead to anxiety. Using ultrasound therapy, we detect how well your heart muscle is working to successfully pump blood to your body so this doesn’t occur.
  • Cold Laser Therapy: Relaxes the nervous system and dissolve the long-term effects of stress that prevent the body from healing itself.
  • E-Stim / Alpha-Stim: E-Stim sends gentle electrical pulses through the skin to help heal muscles. Alpha-Stim transmits unique, electrical waveforms that help reduce pain, anxiety, depression, or insomnia without medication.
  • Weighted Blanket: Similar to deep pressure therapy, a weighted blanket helps calm a restless body, reduce feelings of anxiety, and improve sleep troubles.
  • Muscle Manipulation: We’ll use manipulation for your head and neck area and offer you the choice of topical pain relief lotions.
  • White Noise or Binaural Programs (BRAIN WAVE): Proven to fight against anxiety, stress, and negative mental states, we’ll play either one of these throughout your entire session.
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Cherish Your Inner Peace Today

Feel calm and worry-free after a relaxation therapy session with Dr. Alice Bassford. There’s no need to go another day feeling distressed and overwhelmed. With our personal Stress Relief Sessions, you’ll be able to take a break from your busy schedule and enjoy some “me” time. Give us a call today at (301) 593-5500 so we can get you as soon as possible!

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