Emergency Dentistry in Silver Spring, MD

In Need of Emergency Dental Care?

We know that unexpected dental pain or trauma is scary and the only thing you can think about is when you can get it relieved or treated. Here at ASE Dental, Dr. Bassford wants you to know that we offer emergency dentistry so we can provide you with proper care right away.

If you break or chip a tooth, lose a crown or filling, need a tooth extracted quickly, or have severe pain due to an infection, we can help. We always put our patients’ health and comfort first, making your visit to our practice more convenient than ever before.

When you’re in need of urgent dental care, please give our office a call right away at (301) 593-5500. We will be available for you as soon as possible and schedule you in for a visit so we can alleviate any pain and discomfort.

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Financing Your Urgent Dental Care

When you come in to treat your dental emergency, we want you to know that we accept a variety of insurance providers and offer different financing options to help pay for care.

We can verify your dental insurance during your visit or when you initially give us a call. We don’t participate in Health Management Organizations, but our team will gladly help file your claims for you.

At ASE Dental, we also work with CareCredit, a third-party provider that allows you to pay for your treatment almost immediately and make monthly payments down the road. No matter what accident may happen, you’ll have a variety of options to help pay for the necessary treatment.

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Our Emergency Dentistry Treatments

When a dental accident happens, we understand you want to get it fixed right away. That’s why Dr. Bassford offers different emergency dental services to help. Explore our options below.

Immediate Tooth Extractions

If you’re in pain because a tooth has decayed from infection and Dr. Bassford can no longer save it, then you’ll most likely need to have it removed right away. We will safely extract the dead tooth and provide you with a tooth replacement option that best suits your needs.

Repairing a Fillings, Crowns, & Bridges

Sometimes dental trauma occurs and living with a cracked, loose, or lost dental crown, bridge, or filling can lead to many issues. If this happens and you need to come in for repairs, we suggest that you save any broken pieces of your restoration that you have.

Dental Implants and Denture Care

Generally, dental implants are designed to last a lifetime since they secure into your jawbone. However, if it didn’t properly integrate, then it may become loose. If this happens with your dental implant, t’s important to visit for an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

Additionally, if you have dentures and they break, Dr. Bassford can repair these as well so you don’t have to live without a complete smile.

Root Canal Therapy Relief

When you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, it may be an infection in the root canal. If this is the case, we can perform emergency root canal therapy. We will remove the disease from the pulp of your tooth and safely seal it with a protective crown so infection doesn’t occur again.

Finding Urgent Dental Care in Silver Spring

When looking for an urgent dentist in Silver Spring, look no further than ASE Dental. Dr. Bassford and our experienced team are here for you in the case of an emergency and we’ll help treat your smile back to good health. Give us a call when you have a dental emergency – (301) 593-5500.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go to the ER for a dental emergency?
What qualifies as an emergency dentistry?
What should I do when a tooth gets knocked out?
How do you handle a chipped or fractured tooth?
Can I go to the ER for a dental emergency?

If you have a dental emergency, but we’re not available, you can go to the Emergency Room (ER). The ER will treat you in some cases and bill your health insurance instead of dental.

However, the emergency room won’t necessarily be able to treat most dental problems unless it’s a health emergency. They can provide you with temporary treatments to help with any discomfort until we’re able to see you.

What qualifies as an emergency dentistry?

Almost any dental problem that needs immediate care to stop bleeding, alleviate pain, or save a tooth from further injury is considered emergency dentistry.

If a tooth is knocked out, your restoration is loose or cracked, or you have a bad infection, ASE Dental can provide urgent dental care for you.

The emergency treatments we offer include tooth extractions, fixing fillings, crowns, or bridges, root canal therapy care, and dental implant or denture repairs.

What should I do when a tooth gets knocked out?

If your tooth gets knocked out, give our Silver Springs office a call right away at (301) 593-5500. Our team will do our best to get you in right away so we can save your smile.

Always try to be delicate with your tooth and hold it by the top, not the root so you don’t damage any cells. Also, rinse the knocked-out tooth in water, but don’t scrub it, and bring it in with you to your emergency visit.

How do you handle a chipped or fractured tooth?

If you fracture a tooth, immediately rinse your mouth with warm water and place an ice pack over the outside of your mouth to reduce swelling. Take over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen to help with any pain you may have.

Then, give us a call to get in for an emergency appointment so we can fix your broken, chipped, or cracked tooth.

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