COVID-19 Protocols

Our patient’s health and safety is always our first priority. In response to the COVID pandemic, several changes have been implemented here at our Silver Spring dental office. In order to maintain a healthy, comfortable environment for you and your family, read through our COVID-19 guidelines so we can ensure the safety of everyone in our office and you can be better prepared for your visit.

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Before Your Appointment

Prior to your visit, here’s what you can expect:

  • A telephone screening to check all patients for consistent COVID-19 symptoms
  • Before scheduling your appointment, you can now access electronic forms and electronic payments which have replaced paper and pens
  • Our waiting room is currently off limits and we advise patients to limit the number of visitors that will be attending their appointment.
  • We require that all patients and visitors wear a face mask
  • Face shields will be given to anyone accompanying patients in the treatment room
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When You Arrive

At your appointment, here’s what will happen upon your arrival:

  • Another telephone screening for symptoms from your car or outside the office
  • We’ll check your temperature and oxygen saturation with a pulse oximeter, then provide you with hand sanitizer
  • We’ll be staggering patients to minimize patient contact and practice social distancing
  • We’ve blocked off the waiting room, and removed all toys, magazines, and other frequently touched objects that cannot be cleaned and disinfected
  • Preprocedural mouth rinses are now required before treatment (either Iodine based or peroxide based if Iodine contraindication)
  • We utilize high evacuation suction technology to minimize droplet splatter and aerosols (Isolite, rubber dams Re-leafs, and Ultrapro Sweep Prophy Angle)
  • Every treatment room and the front office contains portable HEPA/UVL/Air filters
  • Increased time between treating patients to allow for additional cleaning and sanitization according to CDC guidelines
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How Our Staff Remains Safe for You

Our team will continue to provide safe and effective care that exceeds the expectations set aside by the ADA and the CDC. Here are a few ways we’re going above and beyond to protect our patients:

  • Our staff are completing temperature screenings twice a day (Since May 2020)
  • Attesting to health daily
  • All staff wears ASTM level 3 masks at all times
  • Staff involved in patient care wear eye protection and lab coats
  • Staff involved in aerosolizing procedures wear head coverings, gowns, and face shields
  • We also change out of work clothing prior to leaving the office to limit the risk of contamination

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