Our Family Dental Staff

Dr. Alice Charland Bassford, D.M.D., M.A.G.D.

Comprehensive Family Dentist in Silver Spring, MD

 Dr. Alice Charland Bassford, D.M.D., M.A.G.D.

After being born and raised in Western Massachusetts I decided to stay up north and attend Siena College. While at Siena I spent time as a laboratory assistant and was in the National Scholastic Honor Society, and graduated in 1989 with a BS in Biology. After Siena I attended The University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine where I spent my free time working as a basic medical science tutor and a student teacher for a course on the legal aspect of medicine. I graduated UCONN Dental School in 1992 and joined the Army.

Before being stationed in Germany for two years, I completed a one year residency in Advanced General Dentistry. After a fun and busy two years abroad I was stationed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center now known as Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The DC area quickly became my new home and after completing 10 years of service in the Army, I decided to resign and was honorably discharged.

After the Army I spent time working in the private practice field as well as continuing my dental education by completing a Fellowship and Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry. In November of 2006 when Dr. Guy decided to retire, I purchased his practice thus beginning ASE Dental, whose name stems from the first inital of my three children, Andrew (22), Simon (20), and Emily (18). My professional mission is to master the most current techniques and procedures available to create a pleasant, friendly, and fun dental experience. 

Outside of the office you can find me kayaking on the Potomac, tending to vegetables in my garden, golfing, or flying around the country (and Canada) to visit my children at their respective colleges. 



Rescued from retirement, I come with years of experience, spending many years working in the Walter Reed Army Medical Center Hospital Dental Clinic. I work as both an assistant and lab technician. I am very personable in person and on the phone and will not hesitate to give you a hug or joke around with you when you visit.

Outside of the office I love to dance and have been told that I am an outstanding dancer. I enjoy going out to dinner with my friends and family and especially enjoy spending time with my grandchildren. I delight in taking time out of my weekend to volunteer at my church and you can be sure to find me there each Sunday for mass.




Similarly to Beverly, I too spent years working in the dental clinic at Walter Reed; in fact I was the head of the Dental Radiology Department. 

Outside of the office I fulfill my passion for the arts by teaching college photography classes and making crafts that are sold in boutiques around the DMV.




Originally from St Croix, I started my dental career by working as a dental assistant for Dr. Bassford on Monday nights after moving to the DC area. From here I decided to obtain my dental hygiene degree and a few years later joined the ASE staff.

Outside of work I can be found at zumba or spending time with my husband and two kids, Amanda (8) and Jayce (2). We are constantly entertained by Amanda's stories and her interactions with Jayce.



My path to ASE Dental is differnt from the rest of the staff; I worked for Dr. Guy before he sold the practice and then spent time as Dr. Bassford's patient before taking up a position as an assistant. I have an array of talents as well as expertise that allow the office to function smoothly. 

Outside of the office I enjoy attending concerts with friends, relaxing by the pool, gardening, quilting, going to yoga classes, feeding my hummingbirds, and adventuring around the area with friends to try out different microbrews.



Known as the official greeter, I spend most of my time sleeping, after all, I am 16. But while my hearing and sight have been decreasing, my nose is stronger than ever. Make sure to cover your bags and zip your pockets if you have food because I will find it. Each day I try to wear a stylish outfit, but style comes at an uncomfortable price and I occassionally succumb to comfort over style.

My life outside the office is similar to my office life; I spend most of my time eating and sleeping, but I have been known to be an amateur runner and can be found running around in my backyard (or the neighborhood when I am feeling brazen) and occassionally races, but the pressure tires me out and I end up stopping before the race is complete. 

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